Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer release date and new gameplay revealed

The Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode release date is officially set for March 9, and Ubisoft is giving players an early preview of how it will work - it's set to be a big change.

Once Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayere goes live in a free update next month, it will function as a new experience all its own: you'll start off in a brand new instance of London with your first job to build a brand new DedSec cell. Rather than doing loyalty missions to recruit operatives, you'll be able to spend Influence points to recruit your fellow citizens on the spot - but be careful about going on a hiring spree, because you use the same points to upgrade your weapons, gadgets, and hacks.

You can earn Influence points by completing solo activities around the map, or by doing daily and weekly challenges to rank up through online seasons. As you build out your DedSec cell, you'll be able to participate in co-op missions with teams of two to four players - and once you're ready for the endgame, you can take on Tactical Ops with teams of three or four.

Tactical Ops are made to reward coordination and teamwork among players, presenting special challenges that may require you to simultaneously hack two points on opposite sides of the map, or sneak past unhackable patrol drones. Watch Dogs: Legion will launch with voice chat, though Ubisoft isn't saying if or how it will handle matchmaking for co-op missions and Tactical Ops.

If all of that sounds like A Lot, don't worry - you can always take a break with Spiderbot Arena, a drone deathmatch complete with power-ups and killstreaks. It will also contribute to your seasonal progression, so you really can't go wrong.

While you're waiting to start hacking the planet (or at least virtual London) with friends, have some fun with our list of the best online games. 

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