Watch Dogs Legion free trial will let you sample single-player and multiplayer this week

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A new Watch Dogs Legion free trial will start this Thursday, March 25, and run through Monday, March 29.

Ubisoft announced the free trial earlier today, and the word trial is putting in a bit of work here. It's not a no-strings-attached demo of the full game, but it will give players a chance to try the single-player and multiplayer experiences. The dynamic open world itself, which we called one of the game's greatest strengths in our Watch Dogs Legion review, is pretty much untouched as well.

"In single-player, eight boroughs of London are free to explore, and the single-player campaign is playable up to the 'Skye Larsen' mission," Ubisoft says, explaining the limitations on the free trial. "Meanwhile, co-op and PvP options are available in the online mode, but Tactical Ops are only accessible in the full version of the game."

The good news is that, despite these restrictions, progress in the free trial will carry over into the full game if you decide to buy it. As it happens, Legion will receive a bunch of platform-specific discounts in the days and weeks ahead, with the standard edition of the game going for at least 50% off on all platforms. Here's the full, oddly complicated sale schedule:

  • Xbox: 67% off standard edition and 60% off ultimate edition from March 23 - April 1. These discounts will shrink slightly to 50% off standard and ultimate from April 2 - 15.
  • PlayStation: 67% off standard and 60% off ultimate, plus 25% off the season pass, from March 24 - 31.
  • PC (Ubisoft store): 50% off standard, gold, and ultimate editions plus 10% off the season pass until April 9.
  • PC (Epic Games Store): 50% off standard, gold, and ultimate editions plus 10% off the season pass from March 25 - 29. 
  • Stadia: 52% off standard, 45% off gold and ultimate, and 10% off season pass from March 25 - April 1.

Watch Dogs Legion is a cross-gen buy on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and its online mode will add full cross-gen crossplay in a future update. 

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