Watch 1-2-Switch's SUPER weird mini game collection, including baby care, face shaving, and wand thrusting

Every Nintendo launch lineup has to have at least one oddball in the mix, and the latest crop of minigames revealed for 1-2-Switch should cement its place as the Feel The Magic: XY/XX for Nintendo Switch. We've already played weird (and weirdly accurate) stuff like the cow milking game, but now I'm officially the most excited for Shaver and Runway.

Of the ten new games revealed, here are the strangest ones...


You can say this is a wizard battle, but my friends and I are totally going to pretend that we're trading kamehameha blasts like the strongest Dragon Ball Z fighters.


The dangerous task of shaving sans mirror becomes a fierce competition in this minigame. Whoever leaves the fewest hairy patches wins.

Joy-Con Rotation

My Japanese is too limited to fully grasp what the objective is here, but it looks super intense for a game about slowly rotating pieces of plastic.


This looks like a great game to play with adolescents to encourage them to always use protection.


Finally, a rhythm game for people who are better at stomping the catwalk than busting a move. Put the bass in your walk and victory will be yours.

The other five new games are titled Sword Fight, Telephone, Soda, Liar Dice, and Beach Flag, and they're only slightly less bizarre. The full game will include 28 minigames in all.

You can start shaving babies and rotating magic wands (I might have gotten those mixed up) when 1-2-Switch is released alongside Nintendo Switch on March 3. And remember, you can take the console on the go, so you can easily challenge your fellow bus riders to a shave-off.

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