Warhammer Wednesday: Empire

We have to admit that we thought this week's Warhammer: Mark of Chaos army rollout of the human faction - the Empire - was going to be a little bit, well, dull. Without any mutated, monstrous creatures crawling among their ranks, the Empire seems a little boring at first. We were wrong - dead wrong.

Not only have the developers hooked us up with a treasure trove of knee-buckling shots of the Empire units, they've single-handedly proven to us that this project is a labor of love. What's more, this week we've also scored an exclusive gameplay video of the Empire in action that you must see. Hit those Movies and Images tabs above.

Like we said before, the Empire is the human faction in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. The armies of men in the Old World are the frontline defenders against the chaos invaders from the north. Theylearned a rudimentary form of magic from the High Elves after the first Great Chaos War. Schools have been set up in the Empire (each of them representing one of eight different orders) with each specializing in particular disciplines. For example, the Jade Order is considered the Lore of Life that centers on studies of nature and living things. As a result, this magic gives Jade Wizards power over nature.

Along with this primitive understanding of magic is a faith in their ancient god, Sigmar, a warrior god whom they worship devoutly. And Sigmar’s clergy, the Warrior Priests, channel divine power to use in battle.