War Front: Turning Point

Unlike the current crop of real-time strategy games (most notably, Supreme Commander), you cannot back out the camera view far enough to drink in the "big picture". This left us with a pitifully tiny view of the action, making War Front a very tactically focused game. The narrow view bogs down gameplay significantly because most situations call for strategic action like locating and securing limited resources.

Gamers who are experienced in the real-time genre will likely find a lot of familiar territory here, like we did. Even though War Front's visuals are just a little bit sharper, the explosions a tad louder and the "secret weapons" a smidge zanier, War Front still seemed like more of the same. The trouble is, War Front seems to be designed for exactly the type of gamer who is likely to be the weariest of this sort of clichéd RTS genre - it's brutally tough, even set to easy.

The bright spot seems to be the multiplayer possibilities, with War Front opening the battlegrounds to up to 10 players at a time. We have a hands-on session planned for the near future, and you'll hear our full report when we return from the frontlines.