Walt Becker finds the missing Link

No matter the quality, if your film makes a mint at the box office, the studio types fall over themselves to offer you every possible project.

And that’s the way Walt Becker rolls these days, having taken bland Disney comedy Wild Hogs to a stellar opening and serious legs that have sprinted it to the second-highest earning film of the year.

So it’s no surprise that the Mouse House has shoved another project into his already crowded development bag for the director to work on. This one, however, is even closer to his heart than the likes of Runt and Old Dogs – because it’s based on Link, a book he wrote in 1998. He was working on adapting it years ago, before his film career took off… "It started out as a feature film pitch that Sid Sheinberg optioned, and I was going to write it until I got a greenlight on my first film, Buying The Cow, and he was gracious enough to let me out," Becker gushed to Variety .

These days he’s far too busy to be doing the actual writing, so he and his producers are hunting for a willing scribe to adapt the tale of a palaeontologist and a rebel scientist searching for the missing link (the clue’s in the title, folks).

Besides that, he’s busy getting ready to make Old Dogs with Hogs star John Travolta and, possibly, Robin Williams, while Runt also simmers away in development. Oh, and he’s threatening to bring us all a Wild Hogs sequel, figuring that if America loved Travolta, Tim Allen, William H Macy and Martin Lawrence in leather once, they’ll hit that comedy crack pipe a second time. Cow… Hogs… Runt…. Dogs? What is it with this guy and animals?

Source: ( Variety )

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