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Vote in the Golden Joysticks awards and give your favourite games the lovin' they deserve

Do you have a huge man crush on Nathan Drake? Think Bayonetta's the best thing since sliced appendages? Do you want to show The Ballad of Gay Tony some fabulous love? Well good news, because the Golden Joysticks awards are back to give you a platform to vote for your favourite games. Inside, you can find out how to vote and also see more of the awesome character art specifically created for this year's awards.

Right, here's the deal. Go on over to ourGolden Joysticks voting pageand you can immediatley have your say on such awards as Ultimate Game of The Year, DLC Game of The Year and UK Developer of The Year (if you don't vote for Rocksteady we'll cry).

So if you want to vote for Uncharted 2 as the best action game or The Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks as your favourite portable title, head on over now.

Also, how badass would the fight below be?

We're backing the little chick with the massive needle.

Aug 6, 2010