Voice Fantasy brings voice-controlled RPG action to the iPhone

Square Enix filed a trademark application for Voice Fantasy in February. At the time, no one outside of the company knew what it was for. On Monday, Square released the game - turns out that it's a voice controlled battle-centric RPG with an old-school art style similar to that of classic SNES Final Fantasys.

The game will analyze the voices of you and your friends and generate classes of varrying stats and abilities based on the properties of the sample provided. While you can face off against those same friends in 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer modes, you'll also be able to fight monsters in %26ldquo;Demon King%26rdquo; mode, should your friends be tragically mute.

The game is on the app store now for $2.99 or %26pound;1.79, and iPod touch users will need their own microphone.

[Source:Official Site]

Nov 3, 2010