Virtua Fighter 5 - interview

GR: Will the performance be good enough so that players in Japan can play against players from North America and/or Europe?

YT: Players should be able to play against players in different places. The performance will depend on the distance, but we aim to create a game that can be played without problems based on the criteria of Microsoft.

GR: Is there any plan to release an arcade stick alongside the 360 version?

YT: Hori in US is currently working on the arcade stick for Virtua Fighter 5. The 360 stick is very hard to get in Japan, so we, as users, are also looking forward to it.

GR: Are there any other changes since the version we played in April?

YT: The main changes would be the addition of network performances, including the online battles and online rankings.

GR: When we spoke before we were left with the impression that this version was going to be marginally better than the PS3 version. It seems now that it will be a big leap. Care to comment?

YT: It has been some time since the PS3 version was finished and released, so I think the Xbox 360 version Virtua Fighter 5 is a big leap that will satisfy users. We continue to do are best until we finish with the development. Thank you.

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