Virtua Fighter 5 - interview

GR: What changes can we expect from the PS3 version, in light of these new details?

YT: There are so many differences, so I have listed the main updates and changes from the PS3 version:

・ Addition of Online Versus Mode
・ Addition of rank that only appears online
・ Support voice chats
・ Addition of online rankings
・ Ranking clip data (replays) can be browsed
・ More CPUs and balance adjustment in Quest Mode
・ More items to equip on the characters
・ Enhanced performance in DOJO Mode
・ Realized battles played by carrying in save data to VS Mode [the game will track your win/loss stats in versus mode, unlike the PS3 version]
・ Support controller vibration
・ Support analog stick
・ Additional recording of the commentary voice
・ Addition of commentary feature on EU version
・ Support Achievements and rich presence
・ Support downloading contents in the marketplace
Support Xbox 360 antaliasing

As you can see, the Xbox 360 version has so many new features that it could be considered as a completely new product.

Given the [popularity] of many Xbox 360 users already enjoying online battles, the network performances have been enhanced for the 360 version. This time, by supporting the network rankings, the ARCADE Mode and Command Time Attack have become more intriguing and enthusiastic. Especially, the ranking battle on a fraction of a second can be quite exciting.

Moreover, for many years, we have been receiving requests from North America, the prime country of 360, to include the feature of "saving character data on a Memory Unit and playing with those characters on other Xbox 360 systems." So, we are very happy that we can finally respond to these requests. Please consider this feature as a present for the North American fans!

Also, we have increased the number of items substantially, so you should be able to further enjoy customizing your characters as well.

Lastly, the AI of CPU has been enhanced drastically for the Xbox 360 version. This not only makes the game harder, but various CPUs, such as a CPU that has a unique way of fighting or CPU that uses skills unique to VF5, have been added to allow players to enjoy the game more deeply.

There will be more rival CPUs in QUEST Mode, allowing the players to play longer and further enjoy the game.