Videogames present: Hip Hop's finest hour

These tracks be packed with F-bombs and N-words /
All up in ya face, like aviary bird turds

Artist: Cocoa Borvaz
Song: “Super Brooklyn”

A hardcore tribute to the famous New York borough made up entirely of the original Super Mario Bros.

Artist: Beanie Sigel
Song: “Mac Man”

This Philadelphian analogizes inner city life with Pac-Man over just the right bleeps and bloops. (Ignore the November Rain intro, and possibly the skateboarding.)

Artist: Redman feat. Oh No
Song: “Lay You Out”

A billion Street Fighter snippets score the entirety of this lyrical threatdown. Yes Capcom, he mentions you!

Artist: Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Song: “Proto Culture”

The upright MC shows us just how far our species has come by dropping names like Doom, Panzer Dragoon, and Nintendo Power all over the place.

Artist: Team Genius
Song: “Illegal Donkey Kong Remix”

A young man equates life’s hardships with his struggle with Donkey Kong Country 2. By remixing the majestic Stickerbrush Symphony, this is quite possibly the greatest artistic product ever inspired by Donkey Kong.

Artist: Eminem feat. J-Black and Masta Ace
Song: “Hellbound”

Slim Shady and Co. argue over the best way to get Satan’s attention while Cervantes Theme from Soul Calibur loops in the background.

Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Song: “Human Video Game”

In this gripping tale of game addiction, an Oscar nominee behaves like a psychopath in local arcades until he befriends a noise making loiterer.

Artist: Cam’Ron feat. 40 Cal and Penz
Song: “Troublemaker”

The Grandmasters of Mischief brag their asses off over a sample of One Winged Angel (Sephiroth’s Theme) from FinalFantasy VII.

Artist: MC Hammer feat. Deion Sanders
Song: “Straight to my Feet”

No game samples here. BUT this is the rarely seen OFFICIAL music video for the BAFTA Award winning, Street Fighter: The Movie and it features certain cast members… Four words: Jay. See. Vee. Dee!

Artist: MC Double Def DP
Song: “Don’t Copy That Floppy”

Each and every agonizing second from this anti-piracy music video exposes the casualties left in the wake of sharing games willy-nilly. And the beat goes on…

Artist: Garrett & Chris
Song: “Ballistic: Ken vs Ryu”

As unearthed on TalkRadar 33, yours truly picks up the mic and the results are equal parts unfortunate (me) and awesome (Garrett). Recorded back in the simpler times of 2003 when I was still in college and delivering Chinese food.

Pardon the plug, but if you’d like to hear more cringe inducing rap crap, more cuts from Super Mario Compact Disco, and a chance to win Watchmen DVDs, it’d be in your best interest to tune into this week’s installment of GamesRadar’s podcast, [TalkRadar 41].

Mar 6, 2009

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