Stop everything: there's a video of the Sony/Nintendo PlayStation

Super quick post. You might have seen the pictures of the rare prototype original Sony/Nintendo PlayStation , now there's a video. I've been in touch with analogueboy, the original poster of the images, but while I'm waiting for him to answer my questions, he's posted this video showing off the console. If, as he casually mentions, the sticker on the bottom actually says "2" (and not "Z") then... well, you know what that might be suggesting. He's already mentioned his dad had got the thing while working with "Olaf". That potentially could be Ólafur Ólafsson, the original co-founder and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment - one of the creators of PlayStation as we know it.

I'm trying to verify all this, but assuming it's not all an elaborate hoax, then this could be a number 2 prototype PlayStation that belonged to the first boss of PlayStation itself. The ka-chings, I can hear them.

Leon Hurley
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