VIDEO: PS3 Slim unboxing!

Does it exist? Yes! Do we have one? Hell yes!A sleek newPS3 Slim was hand-delivered to ouroffice just hoursafter it wasannounced today atSony's gamescom conference.That's right, the slimmer, lighter, awesomer,$300PS3 Slimis sexing up our previously modest offices right now. See for yourself - below is a video of the seductive device's unboxing, as well as a bunch of photos.

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Above: Here it is, in all its matte glory. No more fingerprints!

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Above: The PS3 Slim is 32% smaller than its supersized predecessor

Above: Standing tall...well, standing less tall

Above: The PS3 Slim next to mommy

Above: We once laughed at how bloatedthe PS3 looked next to a 360 - no longer!

Above: The Wii is still the smallest console, which is no surprise, but at least the PS3 no longer looks like it justate one

Above: The now current current-gen lineup

Above: How the PS3 Slim stacks up against the competition...cue rimshot!

Above: It's roughly the same shape, just scaled down

Above: Thinner and shorter, for sure, but it does look to be slightly wider

Above: The rear ports are pretty much unchanged - same trunk, less junk

Above: Brett compares the PS3 with the PS3 Slim, and Joe is a total Xbot

Aug 18, 2009

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer