Valorant devs are "working on a couple of changes" across Fracture map

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Valorant's Fracture map will shortly be getting an overhaul.

In a brief video on Twitter, Riot Games' level and game designer Joe "Pearl Hogbash" Lansford outlined the team's plans, which includes reworking some areas of the map to better balance them for both attacking and defensive players.

"So, Fracture’s been out for a year now. We’re working on a couple of changes right now,” Lansford revealed. 

"I'm not going to spoil too much but the high-level theme is some general quality of life changes across the map,” they explained, "and hopefully make A Site a little more defensible, maybe some changes around Dish to make that area a little more usable for both teams - attack and defense. Look out for that soon."

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It's not quite a full rework, though. After the video was posted, Lansford popped  up online again to confirm that the changes are less about a radical redesign and "reworking the map" and more about quality of life improvements.

"Just to clarify a bit, we're not really 'reworking' the map," they explained (thanks, Dexerto). "The core gameplay will still be the same. Like I said in the video, we're making quality-of-life changes and some updates around A and dish. Excited to get these out to everyone soon!"

No specific timeline was given, but Lansford does say "soon", so fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long.

Did you know that the ability set of Valorant's next agent might have just leaked online? And they've been reminding fans of Apex Legends' OG Legend, Gibraltar. 

One of them, called 'Bubble', reads: "Equip bubble and enter into a phased state to place down a bubble by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass through".

The leaked ability set also features a move that slows players down, the ability to distort the enemy with a wall, and a golem doll that heals allies and decays foes. By their very nature, leaks may be incorrect or out of date so we can't be 100 per cent certain on anything just yet, but it does it does sound liked a welcomed addition.

Valorant dataminer ValorLeaks also recently reported that an agent is being put together under the codename Mage, while an in-game email referring to an antique expert called Varun Batra was added in patch 5.03. 

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