Useless Kinect demos appear on Xbox Live

In one ofits cleverer moves, Microsoft has publishedtwo demos on the Xbox Live Marketplace which require the Kinect controller. Great,so you can try out the games before you decide to plop down the money for Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral! Oh, wait... something doesn't add up here, does it?

The demos, whichare forKinect-only gamesDance Central and Joyride, were posted on the Xbox Live Marketplace earlier today. Of course, Kinect doesn't come out for another three months, butyou can still download the demos and launch them... for no reason.

Above:Here, have a2.4 GB block of worthlessness which looks for a non-existent update for a non-existent peripheral [viaKotaku]

Earlier this year,Microsoft accidentally posted a downloadable pack to Modern Warfare 2 before it released the game patch that could accept the download. As a result, thousands of gamers were locked out of the game until a fix was found. Is this just another Microsoft error?

Kind of. This instance is a little different, but just as dumb. It turns out that these downloads are geared for users with access to a special Kinect beta program, but they still show up for everyone with an Xbox 360. Lamezors!

Meanwhile,we're still trying to figure out the mystery of why Microsoft chose Macy's -Macy's?!- of all places to set up its flagship Kinect demo stations.

Above: If you want your Kinect gaming fix early, you're gonna have to stand awkwardly in the middle ofparents and teens shopping for back-to-school clothes


Aug 16, 2010

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