Update: GTA IV on Xbox Live

During an interview with Stuff magazine, Xbox UK kingpin Neil Thompson stated that the three biggest advantages the 360 could lord over the PS3 were "proven games experience - including an exclusive online-playable version of Grand Theft Auto next year - the online experience and all the extra multimedia stuff Xbox does." While initially nebulous, a brief word from Microsoft clarified that Thompson was simply reiterating Peter Moore's announcement at this year's E3 that the 360 version of GTA IV would be able to serve up exclusive episodic content over Xbox Live, not that GTA IV would be exclusive to the 360 alone. How the game shapes up on PS3 remains to be seen - and there's certainly a chance that PS3 owners could get something exclusive via Sony's own online network too, which would leave 360 gamers out in the cold. That's all speculation, but it sure would be a tricky business move by Rockstar.

Our sister site in the UK unearthed another GTA IV tidbit from an interview Rockstar held with MTV.com that indicated the graphics found in Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis will be similar to those in the new GTA. "This is the graphics technology gamers are to expect from future Rockstar games, including the next GTA," a Rockstar representative was quoted saying while demonstrating the 360 Ping-Pong simulator.

So, if you've yet to check out Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, you now have an added incentive to do so. It'smost likely a dry run for the technology that will power the next generation of Grand Theft Auto.

June 16, 2006