Untitled Goose Game goose does the unthinkable and just takes everything

If you haven't heard about the mean goose terrorizing residents of a small town in Untitled Goose Game, then this must be your first time on the internet - welcome! Fortunately, I've just about summed up the premise of the latest indie phenomenon to hit the Nintendo Switch and sweep the gaming community by storm. Only now it's gotten even worse; whereas before, the feathered pest was content with wreaking havoc on a small scale, one dirty trick after the next - it's now managed to take everything the locals hold dear and drag it back to its lair.

The monster behind the goose responsible for its latest crime is YouTuber TerakJK, who was able to catalog the conquest in a compilation video. Apparently, the goose was successful in taking every movable item in the game with the exception of the gardener's hat, hammer, and two mugs which were broken by the tavern area's delivery woman. Otherwise, it's all gone.

Utter depravity aside, it was only a matter of time before someone pulled this off, although it's an impressive feat of dedication nonetheless. Despite losing a couple of items along the way and dealing with unforeseen obstacles like invisible walls in the pit and surrounding area, the largely successful mission to ruin all that is good in the world took a whopping seven hours to complete.

Why? "Because," says the YouTuber.

It's happening - the goose is taking over. Check out all the other game worlds the evil goose is taking over, and pray it doesn't invade the real world.

Jordan Gerblick

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