This unofficial cloning gadget will give you ALL the Amiibo

Don't care about the plastic dust gatherers and just want the juicy data in the base of your Amiibo? Well it sounds like new gizmo calling itself the Amiiqo - we see what you did there and so will Nintendo - is for you. Allowing you to store up to 200 Amiibo character profiles on one device, it means you can download Amiibo data from the internet and transfer it onto the NFC chip for use with your Wii U or 3DS. Yes, it definitely sounds legal.

While you could always use this to back up all your Amiibo in one tiny base-sized device, it's clear that downloading new and unowned characters for use in game is going to be the main attraction here. It's already cropping up as an option on forums for the device.The Amiiqo currently works with an Android app that allows you to transfer Amiibo data via an NFC chip but a USB to NFC adaptor is on the way for use with PCs. With space for so many Amiibo the Amiiqo means you can neatly sidestep that pesky one Amiibo to one game rule.

The Amiiqo costs £49.75 and you can find out more about it on its official site. However, given the lack of any other products, no social networking links or the, y'know, potential massive breaches of copyright, this isn't looking terribly trustworthy. Given that the tech comes with ten free Amiibo characters to get you started that include Pikachu, Yoshi, Mario and Link, it's only a guess that this might not be around particularly long.

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Louise Blain

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