Universe at War sequels already underway

Petroglyph's PC and Xbox 360 RTS Universe at War: Earth Assault might not even be out yet, but the developer's already working on two sequels in the series.

And speaking to Petroglyph Creative Director Adam Isgreen, it won't end there either.

"At this point, if you looked at the first Universe at War game as the initial chapter in an ongoing saga, there are at least two more chapters of material we've got fleshed out," Isgreen told us in an interview we'll be publishing in full shortly.

He added that the developer has "a whole bunch of directions we can go in after that." Not unsurprisingly, Isgreen said he couldn't talk in any further detail about future plans for the RTS series at this stage.

Universe at War: Earth Assault depicts an aliens-invade-Earth scenario, Isgreen explaining the scale of battles is "Massive enough to cause city-wide destruction, but not massive enough that you ever feel like you're controlling completely disposable forces."

It's due to release on PC at the end of the year and on Xbox 360 in early 2008. It'll support cross-platform online play too.

July 18, 2007