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United 93 featurette: Greengrass speaks

The subject of a movie based on real events will always be both delicate and dividing. So it’s no surprise that as it nears its release, United 93 is receiving a bit of a slap from certain portions of society and the media who feel that 9/11 was too recent and too painful to become a plot just yet.

After the announcement that the movie will be launched at the Tribeca Film Festival, Universal began running the trailer in New York, only to have one cinema pull it after customer complaints.

“We expect that some moviegoers will have a strong response to its images and narrative,” Universal stated.

Helmer Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy) made the movie after lengthy discussions with the families of the hijack victims and has garnered their support for the project.

This is evident from the newly released featurette in which Greengrass speaks about his reasons for making the movie and why it was important to him to find out where the people onboard United 93 came from.

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United 93 is released in the UK in September.

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