Under the Radar - Day Two

Terra: Formations

From: Star Cave Studios
Who did: Camelot Galway City Of The Tribes (PC)
And live in: Galway, Ireland

We want this multi-genre space opera to be good for two reasons. First, the name of the company, Star Cave, is just lovely. Second, the developers recently released a cute-as-a-button PC edutainment title about life in 17th Century Ireland.

Anyway, Terra: Formations is an MMOFPSRTSRPG. Say what?! Yep, you can play it as a shooter while taking time out to expand your character's stats through adventuring, or you can take overall strategic command, directing battles from your general's chair. And it's fully online. That's all the info we have for the moment and while the first screens aren't overwhelming, it's an ambitious project showing a lot of promise.


Far too early to make a call but if the end product matches the early ambition, it should be a winner.