Under the Radar - Day Two

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The Shadow of Aten

From: Silicon Garaje Arts
Who did: It's their first game
And live in: Madrid, Spain

The subtitle The Egyptian Chronicles Of Allan Scott should you leave you in no doubt as to what this adventure title is all about. Yep, easy parallels can be drawn with Indiana Jones and Lara Croft games, and in fact Shadow's plot reads like that of The Last Crusade, give or take a year and a few different ancient artifacts. Set in 1936, British ex-serviceman Scott jets over to Egypt to investigate a mysterious death and soon finds himself up to his Fedora in an arms and antiquity trafficking ring, a plan to filch a horde of treasure from the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and a conspiracy to prepare Egypt for Nazi invasion.

As with the story, the gameplay suggests it'll be very much a Doctor Jones affair, with scraps, puzzling, car chases, camel-riding, exploration and similar blockbusting adventure film antics, all wrapped up in the locales and myths of ancient Egypt.


While it all sounds rather paint-by-numbers, we can't complain about the prospect of camel riding.