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Watch Uncharted 4's new character Nadine Ross smack the crap out of Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake takes one on the nose in the latest trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (opens in new tab), introducing a new character that has little patience for his constant quippery. Say hello to Nadine Ross, cousin of the game's main bad guy Rafe Adler who, between the two of them, are trying to stop Drake and his brother Sam reaching their pirate treasure. That seems to revolve around a crucifix of some kind in the below video. She's voiced by Laura Bailey, probably best known for playing the neon-powered Fetch in inFamous Second Son.

Nadine seems to be a subversion of the Bond henchman archetype as 'second villain' which is interesting (and she is built, look at those arms). She also runs a South African Security company - handy if, say, you needed a regular supply of faceless goons to throw at a nearby hero. Not that she need them here though as it looks like she really knows how to fight, and almost certainly has the edge over Nate's chancy brawling. Plus, she she earns bonus points for taking her heels off before getting started.

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