What Uncharted 4 learned from The Last of Us

Expect Nathan Drake to be a little bit more distractible in Uncharted 4. The first episode of PlayStation's five-part "The Making of Uncharted 4" series went live today, beginning with how Naughty Dog's previous projects have influenced its work on the game. Would you believe that The Last of Us is why Drake will get the chance to hang out with a lemur?

"One thing that we really learned from The Last of Us, and experimented with and got really good results from, is allowing the player to just poke around in an intriguing environment," lead game designer Anthony Newman says in the video. "Talk to people, have these side conversations with your buddies or with your allies."

Obviously the lemur is the most important part of the video, but it also shows a fight scene where Nathan Drake is getting ganged up on before Sully charges in. Lead animator Jeremy Yates said this was inspired by that satisfying feeling whenever Ellie helps out Joel right in the nick of time.

"It really resonated with us, and we really want to incorporate that type of feeling as well with the characters that you travel the story with," Yates said. "We want them to be there with you, and helping you, and you guys working together as a team."

Sony plans to publish the next four parts of the documentary series throughout March and April, and to release Uncharted 4 on May 10. It's going to be an exciting and/or excruciating two months.

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