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Yanick Paquette leaving DC after 10-year run

Yanick Paquette
(Image credit: Yanick Paquette (DC))

Long-time DC exclusive artist Yanick Paquette has announced he's leaving the publisher for new work elsewhere. Paquette drew portions of this week's Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 and Generations: Shattered #1, but his final work at DC will be March 9's Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3.

Yanick Paquette

(Image credit: Yanick Paquette)

"Death Metal #7 is out there. As it turned out, this is a fitting celebratory end to my 10 years tenure at DC," Paquette wrote on Facebook. "I'll venture to some unannounced stuff for a while, but no doubt I'll get back to DC at some point."

Newsarama has confirmed that Paquette's work on Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 was completed in 2020.

Paquette has been an 'exclusive' artist for DC since 2010 (after a previous 'exclusive' stint at Marvel). He's best known for his work on the Wonder Woman: Earth One OGN series, Terra Obscura, and runs on Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Batman Incorporated, Young X-Men, and Ultimate X-Men.

(Image credit: Yanick Paquette (DC))

Paquette didn't disclose what this "unannounced" non-DC "stuff" was, but said it precludes him from doing any work for them in the near future.

"I'm sure DC will do fantastically this year, I have full trust In Marie Javins," Paquette says of the newly-promoted DC editor-in-chief. "I wish I could help out, but I made other plans already. Keep faith!"

It'd be interesting to see Paquette branch out for creator-owned work. In his 27-year professional career, the Montreal-based artist hasn't (yet?) pursued his own projects.

Paquette's Swamp Thing run is one of Newsarama's best Swamp Thing stories of all time.