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Xbox One X questions answered: hard drive space, Kinect and controllers compatibility, and more

As the Xbox One X release gets closer we're learning more about the $499/£449 machine. The Xbox One X preorders rush suggests that price isn't putting people off the 4K console, but what about the rest? The ports, Kinect, pad and game compatibility, and more? 

I took a gander around the internet to compile a list of questions that people seem to be asking and this is what I found. 

What size hard drive does the Xbox One X have?

The Xbox One X come with a 1TB of hard drive, currently. While the 1T HDD sounds big, 4K games could fill that up quickly. Forza Motorsport 7 in 4K takes up 100GB, for example. Microsoft has some Intelligent delivery tech that will help cut down on file sizes but you might want to consider an Xbox One external hard drive to be safe. 

Will controllers and other other accessories still work on Xbox One X? 

According to the official website, all accessories previously made for Xbox One (along with all future accessories to be made for Xbox One) will work. Xbox One controllers, headsets, even the Elite controller, will all work as if they can run on an Xbox One. The system itself will come with the same controller that comes with the S models, which means you'll be able to use it on your PC (if your computer has a Bluetooth adapter, that is). 

What ports are on the back of Xbox One X?

There's the back of an Xbox One X. From left to right you've got: 

1. Power
2. HDMI out
3. HDMI in
4. USB
5. USB
6. IR out
8. Ethernet

If you're noticing something missing, you're right: there is no Kinect jack on the back of the console. Which leads to one important question...

Will Kinect work on Xbox One X?

Yes, it will, but you'll have to buy a Kinect adapter directly from Microsoft if you want to keep using it. It'll hook up your Kinect to one of the USB ports in the back. You can buy it directly from the Microsoft Store.

How does original Xbox backwards compatibility work?

Phil Spencer announced that original Xbox games are headed to Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles this September, with Crimson Skies leading the charge. But not a lot was said about how they would work. Albert Penello, lead marketing for Microsoft, let slip some additional details on how Xbox games will run on Xbox One platforms:

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So it sounds very similar to the way the Xbox One already handles 360 games: whether you have a digital copy or the original disc, as long as it's whitelisted, you'll be able to play it. 

What does Xbox One X "console exclusive" mean?

This is a harder question to pin down, because a lot of the information about terms or length of exclusivity is kept secret. Rise of the Tomb Raider, for instance, was an Xbox One exclusive for a only a few months before the PC version launched - then the PS4 version was released the following holiday. 

Similarly, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds exclusivity was a question Microsoft danced around rather than answer outright. It's a timed exclusive, and Microsoft is trying to extend that time, but it won't be an exclusive forever. 

So if you see an Xbox One X game with the 'console exclusive' tag, you're probably not going to find it anywhere else for at least a handful of months. That's obviously not including a Windows 10 PC version - that's just how this Xbox Play Anywhere stuff works.

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