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Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition now back in stock for £450. For now...

Looking for an Xbox One X to show off your new 4K TV at its best, but want to do it properly? Craving all that ultra-HD, HDR goodness, but unwilling to make such a commitment until you can get hold of the most special of special hardware? Good news. The limited, Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X is once again available. 

Consisting of a 1 TB Xbox One X console, a vertical stand, a controller, a 4K HDMI cable, and free trials of Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold (with both console and controller inscribed with the machine's Project Scorpio working title, to show that you knew it before it was famous), the package is now back in stock at Amazon. 


Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition: £449.99 Join the elite by combining raw 4K power with industry in-jokes, with this Scorpio-branded Xbox One. The previous limited run of these consoles sold out fast (and were going for £500 on ebay), so buy now if you're interested!

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