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Xbox One outsells PS4 in November, ending a 10-month drought

Xbox One finally came in with a kiler c-c-c-combo breaker after 10 months of PS4's retail dominance. According to figures provided by the NPD Group, Microsoft's new-gen system was the best-selling console in the US and UK in November - the first time that's happened in the US since December 2013.

Who would have guessed a year ago that Xbox would be the scrappy underdog, doing everything it could think of to please consumers? Speaking of which, you can bet a good portion of those sales owed to Microsoft's $50 holiday price cut (opens in new tab) for the system, letting US shoppers choose between a vanilla PS4 system for $400 or Xbox One bundles packed in with tons of tempting games for just $350.

That's a really spectacular deal, but it's tough to say whether the console's momentum will continue after it returns to regular price in January (assuming Microsoft doesn't make the price cut permanent). Either way, it's good to see a little uncertainty injected back into the console race after so many months of PS4 victories.

What about Wii U? Well, Super Smash Bros. was the third best-selling game in November, though that does also count 3DS sales. So… getting there?

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