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Kid Omega meets creepy Daddy Omega in X-Force #19 preview

X-Force #19
(Image credit: Garry Brown/Guru eFX (Marvel Comics))

Things go from weird to weirder in April 21's X-Force #19, as Quentin Quire goes into the Astral Plane to confront the psychic demon that's haunting Krakoa. And as suspected, this demon looks, sounds, and acts a whole lot like the rebellious mutant.

Here's a preview of X-Force #19, by series writer Benjamin Percy and guest artist Garry Brown:

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X-Force #19

(Image credit: Garry Brown/Guru eFX (Marvel Comics))

X-Force #19 preview

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X-Force #19

(Image credit: Garry Brown/Guru eFX (Marvel Comics))

... If Quentin Quire calls himself 'Kid Omega,' would that make this new version 'Daddy Omega'? I kid, I kid...

From what's been revealed, this is apparently a "nightmare version" of Quentin Quire harvested by Xeno (as was Domino, recently) by taking advantage of some of the negative consequences of the Resurrection Protocols. 

A remnant of Quire has been twisted into a psychic ghost of sorts that is haunting the mutants of Krakoa - Quire, Beast, Sage, Black Tom Cassidy, and Jean Grey so far.

(Image credit: Joshua Cassara (Marvel Comics))

"WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! The only way to battle the nightmare is on its own turf," reads Marvel's description of X-Force #19. "Sweet dreams, QUENTIN QUIRE."

And from the looks at X-Force #19's cover by regular series artist Joshua Cassara, Grey looks to be a big part of this issue - despite quitting the team a few issues back over a dispute with Beast. Her name is brought up as a possible lifeline to help with this situation, but Quire rejected that idea of help - although given how his Astral Plane adventure seems to be going from the X-Force #19 preview above, he might want to reconsider that.

After next week's issue, X-Force is taking a short hiatus and returning six weeks later for X-Force #20 on June 2, part of the 'Hellfire Gala' crossover event.

X-Force #19 goes on sale on April 21.

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