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The Witcher 2 devs detail Xbox 360's Enhanced Edition

CD Projekt is taking great pains to make its Xbox 360 adaption of The Witcher 2 more than just an average port. See how the studio is going all out to make Geralt's console adventure his most extravagant yet in the latest developer diary:

Due April 17, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition will ship with all the available PC updates and DLC content, as well as new add-ons like extended storylines, extra sub-quests, new characters, locales, and engine tweaks.

“We took special effort to beef up the game for the Xbox release,” says Jan Bartkowicz, DC Projekt's storywriter. “We are in this great situation where we already had the game out there and people experienced it. We had a lot of community feedback, and we want to put all this in this game and make it better.”

The PC version of Witcher 2 fetched a perfect score from GR, so we're hoping that genius translates to Xbox 360. It was also illegally downloaded nearly 4.5 million times, so we also hope CD Projekt can recoup some of its losses, or as the pirates call it: “copies it would have never sold in the first place.”