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Weekend Spent: Sept. 22-23 - How are you spending the weekend?

Matt: I'm going to spend lots of time getting beaten over and over and over on the final stage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I'll probably do that until I start crying. Then I'll have a go on my new favourite Xbox Indie game - Qrth-phyl, which I'll play in a sort of Zen-induced comatose until the sun comes up. Then I'll ease myself back into consciousness by brushing up on my typing skills using Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure on the DS (which arrived last week and comes with a Nintendo wireless keyboard). Then I'll go to bed.

Justin: Having now finished Resident Evil: Code Veronica again (which was ace) I'm now back onto Batman: Arkham City. I'll also be playing Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz on PS Vita. Nice to have something new to play on that. Oh, and I got an iPhone 5, so I'll be playing Squeak's Dreams through to make sure it runs OK on the new wider display.