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Uncharted 4 video shows why video game heroes keep getting older

In Uncharted 4, years of plundering ancient temples have left Nathan Drake a bit more gray in, well, his temples. But there's more to Drake's advancing years than the simple passage of time, Naughty Dog reveals in the second part of Sony's Uncharted 4 making-of series. If you missed it, the first part covered how the studio's previous games, including The Last of Us, influenced Uncharted 4.

Yep, a big part of the reason you're seeing so many more middle-aged game protagonists these days is that the developers are getting older, too. New people keep entering the field, naturally, but making games is a much more of an established career path now than it was ten or 15 years ago. Though hopefully the senior members of Naughty Dog will be able to comfortably retire before they start making games about 77-year-old fortune hunters.

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Connor Sheridan
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