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UFC suing Ubisoft for misleading use of the phrase 'Ultimate Fighter'

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is taking Ubisoft to court over the game studio's use of the phrase “Become the ULTIMATE FIGHTING weapon”in promoting its Xbox Kinect release, Fighters Uncaged.

Inthe lawsuit filed yesterday, UFC's parent company Zuffa LLC argues that the phrase in question bares too much resemblance to UFC's namesake. More importantly, it believes that using the phrase – which appears on the back of the Fighters Uncaged box –confuses consumerslooking forgenuine UFC games published by THQ.

Zuffa LLC is calling for an injunction to block the sale of the game until Ubisoft removes the phrase from its packaging. Of course, it is also asking for cold hard cash to cover court costs, alleged damages, and (I'm guessing) truck loads of high-protein energy shakes.

Fighters Uncaged has already taken its fair share of lumps frompoor reviewsandbad spellchekking. Is it really necessary for the UFC to kick it in the face again? Oh right, that's sort of their thing.

Dec 10, 2010


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