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Three Super Meat Boy tracks coming to Rock Band Network

Super Meat Boy is getting ready to rock out with his chopping block out on the Rock Band Network. The cult game's composer, Danny Baranowsky has confirmed that remixed versions of “The Battle of Lil' Slugger”, “Can O' Salt” and “Betus Blues” will soon be available as downloadable tracks, and – much like the game – they'll take an expert's hand to master.

In his chat with Joystiq, Baranowsky revealed that the songs will be slightly extended versions of the originals, with “Can O' Salt” to receive the retro treatment. Of their difficulty, Baranowsky added, "I wanted to have some stuff in there for the people who delight in 100-percenting expert Dragonforce."

The songs are rumored to be arriving with Rock Band Version 2.0, putting them on track for a tentative release date sometime after February 15th.

[Source: Joystiq]

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