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Three new clips arrive from 22 Jump Street: watch now

22 Jump Street has released a trio of new clips online, as Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill head back undercover for another adventure.

The new clips include an extended look at our two heroes' attempt to pass themselves off as Latino gangsters, as well as a briefing from a typically gruff Ice Cube, and some thrilling truck-top action.

There's also the previously-released scene in which the boys meet their new college neighbours, which puts their undercover identities under some scrutiny…

Take a look at the new clips, below…

We're not sure which has tickled us more, Channing Tatum's "Mexican" accent or the shrieks of a terrified gang-banger exclaiming, "it's the Terminator!"

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and co-starring Nick Offerman, Peter Stormare and Amber Stevens, 22 Jump Street will open in the UK on Friday.

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