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This Sniper Elite 4 trailer shows off new ways to kill fascists (also old ways)

Sniper Elite 4 is only a few weeks away, and you can get the complete scoop on the latest Nazi-brain-perforating simulator in this new video from developer Rebellion. The "101 Gameplay Trailer" gives you a rundown on new improvements to the single-player mode including expanded options for shooting stuff that isn't Nazi brains (I know, weird), customizing your weapons, and participating in online multiplayer.

I've gotta say, I like how series protagonist Karl Fairburne is branching out here. It's not just anybody who can blow up a sturdy stone bridge with a single bullet. Maybe after the war's over he can find more constructive uses for his marksmanship, like excavating tunnels or destroying deadly asteroids before they threaten our precious Earth. Until then, you can play more of Karl's wartime adventures when Sniper Elite 4 is released on February 14.

Check out these Sniper Elite 4 tips if you need some help getting those headshots in.

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