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This new Joker Edition SecretLab gaming chair lets you take a bit of Gotham home with you

This new Joker Edition Secretlab chair lets you take a bit of Gotham home with you
(Image credit: Secretlab)

With DC FanDome announcements making headlines this weekend, it's fitting that a new Joker Edition Secretlab chair has just broken cover. Announced via the 24-hour fan event, it offers a fresh, Jokerized-spin on some of the best gaming chairs on the market.

Considering the fact that Batman and the Birds of Prey have their own branded seats from SecretLab, it only seems right that there should be one dedicated to the Clown Prince of Crime as well. This particular Joker Edition SecretLab chair gives the Omega and slightly larger Titan models a makeover with green and purple patterning to help it stand out. With a "bold, transgressive design that mirrors the criminal clown", it's similar in appearance to the Joker's suit; it's got a purple seat base and wings (with the jester hat symbol stitched onto the sides) to go with acid green stitching for the character's iconic laughter. The rest is a more subtle black.

Both versions of the Joker Secretlab chair are part of the Secretlab 2020 Series, meaning they're on the cutting edge in terms of manufacturing know-how and premium materials. Having tried them ourselves, we can confirm that they're really comfortable. These chairs might have a higher price-tag, but you're getting the best of the best in terms of comfort and back support.

This new Joker Edition Secretlab chair lets you take a bit of Gotham home with you

(Image credit: Secretlab)

In the press release, SecretLab CEO Ian Lang noted that "every superhero needs a villain, and the SecretLab The Joker Edition chair serves as the polar opposite of the SecretLab Dark Knight Edition, both complementing and contrasting it at the same time. Outfitted with the same engineering and technology that SecretLab is known for, the SecretLab The Joker Edition chair is a seat that befits Gotham's greatest supervillain".

This is just the latest in a line of branded SecretLab chairs; the company recently launched a series spotlighting characters from League of Legends. These took a similar, less-is-more approach to their design, and that's a welcome selling point if they're sitting at home or in your workplace. Some of the characters included are Ahri, Akali, and Yasuo.

Joker Edition Secretlab chair

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