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This is why #ThankYouGameFreak is trending worldwide on Twitter

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Pokemon Sword and Shield fans have rallied round developer Game Freak to counter criticism of the developer by getting the hashtag "#ThankYouGameFreak" trending worldwide.

"I wanted to see if I could start a #ThankYouGameFreak trend," said streamer and YouTuber MysticUmbreon94. "#ThankYouGamefreak for creating the games that got me through all the tough times in my childhood. 

"I know times are rough, but there are still fans that love what you do. Spread if you appreciate what Gamefreak does."

Since then, thousands of Pokemon fans have reached out across social media to thank Game Freak for a lifetime of Pokemon-flavoured happiness.

"I don’t even know where I’d start... This franchise has been a part of my entire life, with no exaggeration," said YouTuber GameboyLuke. "I love this game, I love my job and I’ve loved every minute that I’ve dedicated to Pokemon. Roll on Sword & Shield."

"#ThankYouGameFreak for so many wonderful games over the last (almost) 24 years," added AceTrainerLiam. "The Pokémon franchise absolutely changed my life and has given me so many fantastic memories, and I can’t wait for even more next week with Sword & Shield!"

"I said it directly last night, but #ThankYouGameFreak," said webmaster, Joe Merrick. "You've created a franchise that tens of millions of people love and play every day. A franchise I love and have dedicated a large chunk of my life. We appreciate you."

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In other news, a new video for Pokemon Sword and Shield details new features and items that will be included in the upcoming adventure in the Galar region. Nintendo has also revealed the date for the first Pokemon Sword and Shield online competition known as Galar Beginnings and confirmed the competition will kick off on December 6 and run for just two days. 

After the latest overview trailer gave us a refresher on lots of features and new Gen 8 Pokemon we'll be encountering in Galar, Nintendo is keeping us firmly on the hype train ahead of the game's release on November 15. Just five more sleeps!

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