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This is a super easy way to start For Honor with almost every class unlocked

You want to get right into decapitating your fellow players as soon as you boot up For Honor, I know. But a few extra minutes of preparation will get you enough in-game currency to start unlocking and customizing almost every class in the game! Plus, there's the whole "knowing what you're doing" thing.

Just play all the way through the tutorial, then finish the advanced tutorial, and For Honor will reward you with a total sum of 3500 steel (in addition to all your newfound knowledge about guard breaks and stuff). That's enough to "recruit" 7 of the 9 unlocked character types, or to recruit three characters and purchase three days of "Champion Status", which gives you extra XP and loot. Either option would be a fine way to start your career as a medieval ass-kicker.

Hat tip to r/ForHonor's HonouinKyouma1 and arvs17 for laying these out.

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Connor Sheridan
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