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Think you know your games developers? Test your knowledge with our logo quiz

Well well, if it isn’t the 'Genius Club'. I suppose you all think that you're pretty hot faeces after besting that last exam. 'Too easy' you said. Too simple'. 'Give us a real challenge'. 'Toughen it up'. 'Pull no punches', 'Push the boat out'. 'My partner makes $15,000 a week using this neat trick'. Yes, well that last one may have simply been spam, but never mind that now. The important thing to remember is that I - the low-rent Riddler of the interwebs - have taken a great many of your concerns to heart. As such, the following quiz will now prove much tougher than anything that's come before - chock full of fiddly queries, sticky predicaments and brutalising brainteasers. Enjoy it, if you dare!

But first - a quick word on criteria. The following logos represent both active and sadly now-defunct development teams. Where a company has been known to use more than one logo, the most readily recognisable has been chosen.