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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Part Three - The Arrest (Mansion)

Next up, head to the mansion and speak to Delores. She’ll now be unlocked, so switch to her.

Head upstairs and look at the ASCII chart on your bedroom wall. Then go to the library and speak to Lenore about the will. She’ll ask you to call the lawyer for the will reading.

Travel to Uncle Chuck’s room and pick up the receipt for the vacuum puller, the journal, and the cheque stub hidden inside the chequebook. This last item will give you the name of the attorney that you need to call.

Return to the library and search for Brant Balliwick in the phonebook, then call him. His answering machine will inform you that he’s out of the office, but your objectives should update.

You’ve now done all you can do in the mansion - at least for the time being - so head into town and visit Ricki Lee to get the tube puller. Then travel to the diner and eat a hot dog.

After the vomiting cutscene is finished, head back to the mansion one last time and use the tube puller on the tube on top of the robot head in Uncle Chuck’s room. Pick up the large tube near the shelf and interact with the painting on the wall to find the Offiss Key. Go back to the town hall and use the AT-model tube on the ArrestTron 3000.

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