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These consoles are fake!

Before the age of Wiinis jokes, Nintendo's baby was codenamed Revolution. But, unless the company is ever run by someone with severe glaucoma, we doubt anything like this will ever hit the shelves.

Not an awful attempt by uk mag, N-Revolution. Still, it's pretty much just a flattened Gamecube.

The Nintendo On was heavily rumoured to be the company's next console, prior to the announcement of the Wii at E3 2006. Professionally produced by Spaniard, Pablo Belmonte, many believed it had been leaked directly from the Japanese giant. And Nintendo keeping schtum on the subject only made people more convinced it was the genuine article.

Fake DS

It's a handheld! No, it's a Rubik's Cube! No, it's a case of... erm, an imaginative but pointless mock-up.

The ultimate wet dream for Apple's CEO. This literally couldn't scream million dollar iPhone lawsuit louder if it tried. Unfortunately for Apple, we can't see gadget site Gizmodo releasing their fake DS anytime soon.

Fake PSP

Get ready for Nintendo to get even richer, when they sue Sony for this PSPboy. Or, eh, some chap on the interwebs called MOD SOUL, who cleverly modded his portable console to look like the above.

Credit again goes to Gizmodo, who came up with this streamlined and wafer-thin PSP. It's pretty sexy and, crucially, has the second nubbin the PSP Go desperately needs. Those corners are geared to take someone's eye out, mind.

Basically, the top half of the new Go welded onto the old PSP. It's not original, but the fan, who no doubt designed this in his undercrackers for a Kotaku contest, still had the foresight to graft a second stick onto his baby.

Our personal favourite phoney PSP. The sticks may be a bit small, but the beautiful digital camera-style pop-up screen more than makes up for it. This was another entry in the Kotaku competition.