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There's potential for Mario's Epic Yarn, says HAL Laboratory sound designer

Tadashi Ikegami,sound/musicdesign managerat HAL Laboratory (and the creator of the original Kirby music), believes that epicness and knitting materials could work for other franchises. Ikegami, of course, did sound work for Kirby's Epic Yarn. He might not be the guy with the Nintendo pull to make this happen (or maybe he is!), but his feelings are likely shared by others in the group.

In the most recent issue of Nintendo's "Iwata Asks" interview series, Ikegami remarked on the first time he saw the game's visuals, stating, "I thought they were perfect for Kirby. I think there's a lot of potential for expanding this style to other series, like making a game called Mario's Epic Yarn. That's how well I thought the foundation had been laid, so I was really happy that from among all the characters available it was Kirby who was chosen."

Above: To make Kirby's Epic Yarn, Nintendo built a 200 million dollar "adorable factory" on top of a haunted burial site, held a séance with a litter of kittens to convince the bunny spirits (did I mention it was a burial site for super-cute bunny rabbits?) to run the factory, then blew the whole thing up with explosive Welsh Corgi puppies. Out came Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Iwata didn't directly comment on the possibility of yarnizing Mario, and instead quipped that Ikegami must have been "glad the world of yarn idea hadn't already been taken by another character." But it certainly seems like a possibility. Even better, though, would be Link's Epic Yarn. Or Samus' Epic Yarn! EVERYTHING EPIC YARN!

[Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK]

Oct 27, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer