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The zombies aren't the only enemies in the Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners cinematic trailer

The first cinematic trailer for VR's foray into the world of The Walking Dead is here, and it depicts a world as grim as you'd expect. The city of New Orleans falls victim to a zombie outbreak, and its every citizen for themselves. We got a chance to preview The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners last week, and it really hammers home the notion that you get to choose what kind of person you'd be in the zombie apocalypse. 

Turns out a unicorn backpack is a very rare item in a world inhabited by the undead, as we see the citizens of NOLA duking it out to gain possession of it - even though it previously belonged to a young girl. A firefighter breaks into the girl's house and nabs the colorful backpack as the outbreak first hits, but he's immediately ambushed by another woman who snatches it out of his hands after a bloody battle between the two. A clever shot shows she soon becomes a zombie, however, and gets an axe through the skull from none other than the original backpack owner, the young girl, who's lobbed all her hair off because that's what one does in the zombie apocalypse. 

It's an effective trailer that really emphasizes the level of desperation you'll face and feel in The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. Having the right items on you will be the difference between life and walker food - the unicorn backpack isn't just a pretty perk. 

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners will debut on January 23 2020, but the platforms it will be available on are as yet unconfirmed, so stay tuned.

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Alyssa Mercante

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