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The UK now has a gaming quiz show called Go 8 Bit and everyone loved it

Videogames and TV are traditionally a... shit combination. To use a technical term. UK channel Dave is hoping to change that using ardent gamer/comedian Dara Ó Briain and a familiar format: get funny people in a room and make them do stuff. 

In this case that meant things like making one person scream instructions at someone else wearing a blindfold while they try and play Tetris. It was fun. It was silly. People liked it. 

Here's that T-shirt for reference (It's Ellie's one BTW): 

It's just people playing games in a room, but it manages to capture what it is about that that's so fun. 

This was a seriously retro focused show with references to The Oregon Trail and Chuckie Egg. 

The format was well thought out, mixing bits of comedic trivia before making people play games for points. Usually with a fair bit of smack talk in between. Things like dissing Street Fighter's frame rate while playing the original Tekken.

Ironically, after one team saying it was easy to win by crouching and kicking one side went on to do just that.  

It was basically people playing old games and making fun of each other on TV. Like a lot of people's living rooms only with a camera in it.

It wasn't all old stuff though with Star Wars Battlefront popping up for a round. Things got quite heated. 

The finisher used a custom controller kit from Makey Makey to play Bust-a-Move. On people. People that looked like this: 

To be clear, that's playing a game by touching people. 

(That's Cher on the left BTW, for no particular reason.)

This one tweet probably nails the intrinsically British appeal: 

You can watch it online here if you fancy it. 

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