The Stick Figure Movie Quiz

If TV Could Talk...

Let’s start off with an easy one. This one likes to dwell in wells, TVs and, oh yeah, your nightmares…

Answer #1

Duh, it’s Ringu of course! Unless you’ve noticed Janice Dickinson clambering out of your TV lately – in which case we pity you. A lot.

Arrow Man

Ah, he’s a brute who turned into a saviour. Shame about those arrows. Tragedy, really.

Answer #2

Sean Bean, of course, as Boromir in Fellowship Of The Ring giving up his life for some little hobbits on a big quest.

Expletive, Expletive, Expletive

Not one to watch with your granny, or any members of your immediate family. Definitely watch it with the lights off, though…

Answer #3

Poor old Regan in The Exorcist does some very bad things. Here, she’s either masturbating with a cross... or showing off some experimental piercings.


Headbands are a bit of a hint. But which controversial flick is this stick figure wonder based on?

Answer #4

Why, it’s The Deer Hunter ! Next...

Play It Again, Tom

Two men walking on hot coals? Or maybe something a little safer, and a lot funner…

Answer #5

Tom Hanks gets musical in Big . Classic.