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The original Paper Mario comes to Nintendo Switch Online later this month

Paper Mario
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The original Paper Mario is now on Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

In a recent tweet, Nintendo of America revealed that the original Paper Mario would be making the jump to the Nintendo Switch. The N64 classic will be available through the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription service in exactly one week from now, on December 10.

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If you're unfamiliar with the original Paper Mario, it first launched for the N64 all the way back in 2000. Debuting a 2D version of Mario, familiar environments like the Mushroom Kingdom, and allies like Princess Peach and Luigi, Paper Mario introduced RPG elements to the longstanding Nintendo franchise for the very first time.

In total, the Paper Mario series now spans over 20 years, with five mainline games and one spin-off title. Paper Mario might've kicked things off with rave reviews back in the day and a welcoming fanbase, but it's generally Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, the sequel which arrived four years later in 2004, that's seen as the true high point for the series.

What's interesting is that Paper Mario wasn't one of the titles for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack that was datamined back in October. Late in the month, a dataminer revealed that 38 N64 titles would be coming to the subscription service at some point in the near future, including The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Mario Party. Paper Mario was never mentioned by name however, so perhaps we can expect a few more similarly pleasant surprises around the corner.

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