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The new PSVR Mega Pack comes with 5 games including Astro Bot and Doom VFR

PlayStation VR is finally hitting its stride, and with the new PSVR Mega Pack that Sony announced today, getting into VR should be easier than ever. The new bundle comes with the requisite VR headset and camera, as well as five games so you can take it for a spin.

The headliner is arguably Astro Bot, hailed by many as PSVR's killer app. Astro Bot PSVR bundles were a hot commodity during last week's Black Friday madness, and for good reason: it's a delightful 3D platformer that takes full advantage of VR's strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. 

The only reason I say Astro Bot is arguably the Mega Pack's premier game is because the rest of the bundle is also stacked. Doom VFR is one of the few VR ports that not only plays well, but also meaningfully benefits from the presence of VR. Skyrim VR benefits slightly less so, but it's still breathtaking to feel like you're actually a part of its world. Then there's Wipeout: Omega Collection, a stunning remaster of the storied Wipeout series which works (and looks) even better from a VR cockpit. 

PlayStation VR Worlds, a collection of five VR experiences - you know, those things that failed to support VR before it got some proper games - isn't as memorable as the other items in the bundle, but that being said, some of its experiences are pretty darn cool the first time through. The London Heist, in particular, is worth a look - it's basically a gangster movie where you're the star. 

The PSVR Mega Pack will launch in the UK on Monday, December 3, and in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on December 4. A US release has not yet been announced, nor has Sony released a price point. According to some retailers, it will sell for around €329 / £290 / $370. Take that with a grain of salt, though, as the price may be adjusted ahead of the bundle's launch. 

Incidentally, many of the games in this bundle are also on our list of the best PlayStation VR games. Have a gander if you're looking to get more out of your new headset. 

Austin Wood

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