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The most blood and guts you'll ever see on Wii

The fifth Trauma Center is on the way, and publisher Atlus has finally realized that the franchise needs new elements.This latest trailerstarsthe brilliant but sarcastic Dr. House-- sorry, did we say House? Thisis Dr. Cunningham, an entirely different world-weary, intelligent and lovably acidic doctor who cuts through patients' lies to help them in spite of themselves.

Atlus has produced a series of six trailers, in fact, each introducing one of the game's six main characters. This second video follows Naomi, Trauma Team's forensic examiner. She analyzes crime scenes, CSI-style, but also dresses like a gothic girl with a penchant for low-cut kinky black medical gear. Because Japan.

The Trauma franchise is now much more than a Wii waggle-fest with the addition of Endoscopy, which enables you to perform moves thatwould make a first person shooter blush.Only they're performed by a doe-eyed young girl in a kimono. Because Japan (again).

The remaining cast consists of an ex-army orthopedist, a criminal surgeon and a spunky female first responder, rounding out the group for a full anime soap opera. While Atlus has added every medical acting cliche short of George Clooney, the results look great.

P.S.It's nice to see that irony is alive and well - in six videos, which detail earthquakes, stabbing murders and, in one case, removing an entire steel girder from someone's liver, they never get sick of reminding you to wear your wrist strap. Those Wiimotes are dangerous, you know.

Mar 19, 2010