The Legend Of 1900 review

1900 (Roth) is a boy born and abandoned on an ocean liner. He's a musical genius, and can't be persuaded to set foot on land. The End.

Rarely does a film strive so hard for profundity and fail quite so dully. Full of irritating whimsy and absolutely desperate to get a reaction, this doesn't so much tug your heartstrings as try to rip them out. It's the first English-language venture for Cinema Paradiso-helmer Tornatore, who also scripted, hence the leaden dialogue and overdone swearing.

Thanks to digital trickery, Roth impressively hammers away at the piano keys and the Ennio Morricone score is fantastic. Otherwise you're stuck with Tim's puppy-dog expression. Buy the soundtrack. Forget what it was keeping track of.

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